Epic Espresso

Welcome to Epic Espresso! This app will help you to make consistent, delicious espresso every time.

By timing your espresso brews, you’ll consistently make espresso as good or better than your favourite coffee bar. Epic Espresso provides an espresso timer, so that you can have consistent extraction for the perfect coffee taste.

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Available now for iPhone, iPad and iOS:


It’s a timer.

Minimal fuss while making your espresso - just tap on it to start, stop and reset.


I started making great coffee a decade ago, but it turns out that I was doing it wrong. Recently I read up on how the initial extraction produces acids, then sweetness and lower flavour notes, and finally bitterness. By practicing with different grinds, tamping, dose size and extraction time, I have elevated my skills so that I can make perfect, delicious shots of espresso consistently and repeatably.


Epic Espresso is brought to you by Epic Ride Weather, because because cycling and coffee are perfect together.